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Improve organizational efficiency and enhance the member experience

Wild Apricot is the #1 membership management system on the market. NewPath Consulting has consulted with hundreds of customers since becoming a Wild Apricot partner in 2016. Numerous reference accounts happily recommend our work. We provide training and retain Wild Apricot configuration experts to help your organization get the most from your Wild Apricot investment.

Our unique approach ensures success and facilitates knowledge transfer

Our four comprehensive, fixed-cost packages were developed from real-world experience of helping over 30+ customers get up and running quickly, fully integrate Wild Apricot, redesign their Wild Apricot site or migrate to Wild Apricot. With each project, we tailor a best-practice project plan for your organization. A secure chat system with modern web conferencing allows us to continuously monitor and check-point your implementation.

Concierge-level support simplifies your maintenance efforts

Our implementation packages include a one-year Bronze concierge-level Care Plan, ensuring continuous support and guidance in that first critical year of operation. Implementation projects range from as little as 30 days for organizations without legacy data, up to 6 months for organizations migrating from legacy systems.

We create Wild Apricot solutions to enhance our customers’ operations

We invest and continue to create new reusable, solutions such as our translation service, automation suite and custom reporting for Wild Apricot. In addition, NewPath continuously searches for complementary solutions providing enhanced functionality for membership-based organizations using Wild Apricot.

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All implementation packages are run professionally with clear milestones and regular face-to-face meetings via web conferencing.

Up & Running Pack

We take care of the basics to get your organization up and running. 

Best for organizations that will adopt Wild Apricot at the “Group” or “Community” subscription tier (250-500 contacts)


Package includes:

* Full service database cleaning and migration are available on a time & material basis.

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Quick Start Pack

We take care of the heavy lifting to get you up and running. 

Best for organizations that will adopt Wild Apricot at the “Group” or “Community” subscription tier (250-500 contacts)


Package includes:

* Full service database cleaning and migration are available on a time & material basis.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Customization & Migration Pack

We facilitate your migration to Wild Apricot from a legacy system.

Best for organizations that will adopt Wild Apricot at the “Professional” or “Network” subscription tier (2,000-5,000 contacts)


Package includes:

* Full service database cleaning and migration are available on a time & material basis.

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Redesign Pack

Create a fresh look and feel for your established Wild Apricot website.

Best for organizations of any size that are undertaking a marketing campaign to retain and grow membership


Package includes:

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Affordable monthly service plans let you conveniently and seamlessly manage your changing needs

Our Care Plans are designed to solve your challenges. We care about key factors that keep your site running in tip-top shape every day, including backups, updates, behind-the-scenes monitoring, and prompt and effective corrective action. In addition, we’ve got knowledgeable technical resources at the ready, so you’ll always receive rapid help or advice when you encounter issues, questions — or are just unsure of next steps.

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Custom Solutions for Wild Apricot

NewPath Consulting has created several custom solutions for our customers that extend Wild Apricot beyond its out-of-the box capabilities. These solutions can be easily adopted by any Wild Apricot customer at a reasonable cost.

Wild Apricot Translations

If your organization requires an alternative language for your Wild Apricot website, we can help you with a unique solution only offered by NewPath Consulting. Our solution adds one alternate language for all website pages and forms. Ongoing translations are easily managed in a spreadsheet and can be uploaded to Wild Apricot with one click. 

Starts at USD$1,500

Installation fee (includes all navigation menus): $1,500

Per module translation fee (all prices in USD):

Event Calendar/Upcoming Events: $500

Blog/Recent blog posts: $500

Discussion forum/forum summary/forum updates: $1,000

Store Catalog/Cart: $1,000

Donation form/goal: $500

Subscription form: $500

Site search: $500

Member Directory/Featured Member: $1,000

Event Registration: $1,500

Membership Profile & Finances: depends on complexity of fields, starts at $500

Membership Application: depends on complexity of fields, starts at $500

Membership Renewal: depends on complexity of fields, starts at $500

  • Installation of the Wild Apricot Text Manager, NewPath's translation system is included.
  • NewPath Consulting has developed 8 languages ready use with over 1,000 translations for various Wild Apricot system text. French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplifed), Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and Russian are supported currently.
  • Training is provided to staff to translate website content gadgets.
  • Translation of Wild Apricot sites take between 1-4 weeks to complete.
  • Ongoing translation support available under one of 3 care plans.

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Wild Apricot Custom Reporting Services

We have worked with many Wild Apricot customers over the years and one consistent requirement that comes up frequently: better reporting capabilities that can help inform the board and chapter leaders on key performance indicators, event performance and membership demographics across one Wild Apricot site or a network of Wild Apricot sites.

Starting at USD$2,000*

The Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM) is a cost-effective way to deliver custom data extracts and analytical dashboards.

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Wild Apricot Automation

The Wild Apricot Automation Manager is a collection of ready made, free-to-download Integromat scenarios that you can reuse in minutes!

Downloadable scenarios are free, customization starts at USD$1,000*

The Wild Apricot Automation Manager (WAAM) is a cost-effective way to add functionality and work-around limitations in Wild Apricot.

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Wild Apricot for WordPress Integration

Some organizations wish to deploy an alternative content management system for Wild Apricot. WordPress is a sound choice as it is widely supported and is infinitely extensible. NewPath has developed a WordPress plugin (WA4WP) to support Wild Apricot content in WordPress.

WA4WP is available for free for download. Development services to extend the plugin to your organization’s requirements are priced on a time and materials basis at $175/hour.

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More about Wild Apricot

Running a membership-based organization or an association can be quite a chore. If you are finding that you are spending too much time with the operational and marketing needs of your organization, the Wild Apricot membership management solution may be the answer for you. Take a look at the tour of the Wild Apricot cloud-based solution to see if this may be a fit for your organization.  Wild Apricot provides a free 30-day trial to all clubs, associations & nonprofits. We would encourage you to start a trial and explore the service.

NewPath specializes in services for the following types of organizations (click a button for a printable brochure):

professional & trade associations   sports and special interest clubs   condominiums/HOAs


Wild Apricot in 1 Video

Wild Apricot Video Training Library


Create a mobile-friendly membership application on the web with online or offline payments. You can automate renewals and enable self-service to members. All your contacts and members are stored securely in the cloud. Members can access members-only content and membership directories. Wild Apricot becomes your single source of truth

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Create event listings and calendars online, take event registrations with multiple registration types and payments on the web, automate promotion and reminder emails, generate attendee lists and other reports, and much more.

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Create and customize a full-featured and mobile-friendly website with the Wild Apricot website builder and provide membership forms, directories, member profiles, event calendars and more on your website.

Already have a WordPress site? No problem. Wild Apricot integrates with WordPress and allows you to restrict WordPress content to Wild Apricot members and/or integrate member-only content (such as directories and member-only events) into your WordPress site.

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Enable online payments using a secure industry-leading payment solution, track receivables, generate customizable financial reports, set-up tax rules, export data to QuickBooks or Excel, and more.

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Easily add an online store to your website where you can sell products and services. All orders, email notifications, invoices, and payments are handled automatically.

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Choose from a variety of professionally designed and mobile-friendly email templates to schedule and send email announcements and newsletters. You can also create newsletter subscription forms, manage custom targeted lists, track bounces and emails opens, and more.

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Organizational administrators can use the Wild Apricot admin mobile app to search, view, update and add new contacts to the membership database. You can easily check in event attendees at the door and register new attendees on the spot using only your phone. Members can access the membership directory with their own members' app.

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