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All the Automated Emails in Wild Apricot: A Cheat Sheet

Wild Apricot can send automated and manual emails to contacts and members. Automatic emails are sent as a confirmation of member actions including applying for a membership, and event registration or an invoice payment. Manual emails are emails that an administrator sends to one or more contacts or members and can use a filtered member or contact list. Manual emails can be scheduled in the future or sent on demand, whereas automatic emails are sent based on a triggered event usually only to one contact or member.

The documentation on these emails is really great, but what is hard to find is  a cheat sheet of all the automated emails and where they can be set. These settings are all buried within the Settings tab in a variety of locations, and this post helps bring them all together. Customizing the automated emails is a great way to market and brand your organization. Since these emails are sent automatically and quite often they can be used to describe the benefits of being a member and contact information for your organization.

In the links below just switch the <yourdomain> with your Wild Apricot site name. You can also replace <yourdomain>.wildapricot.org with the full domain name.

Username and Password email for a new contact

When a contact profile is created by an administrator or through the website (say through a registration), a profile is created for the contact, and a password is assigned. It is a randomly generated password that is placed in an automated email. The email can be customized here:


Newsletter Subscription Form email

When someone registers for your newsletter on your Wild Apricot site they get a confirmation email, which can be customized to include benefits of your organization and links to become a member. 


Membership application and renewal reminder emails

When someone applies for a membership or when a member is added by an administrator a variety of automated emails are sent by Wild Apricot. When a membership comes due for renewal reminders can be sent as well at a variety of configurable timed intervals.


Poll Announcement email

When an administrator creates a poll, the poll can be announced to all members with a poll announcement.


Event announcement, event reminders and event registration emails

When contacts or members register for events, automated emails are sent as confirmation of registrations. Event announcements can also be sent to all members when events are created. Event reminders can also be automatically sent to all who have registered.


Donation Confirmation Email

When a donation is made, a donation confirmation email is sent. This email can be customized.



Turning on a secondary email for notifications

Some members have an alternative email address that they wish to record. This setting can be used to select which common field or membership field contains the secondary email address for notifications. Note that the main login email is used as well as the secondary email.



Setting up notification rules for New Members, Events, Donations, Billing, Online Store (Email Routing)

You may wish to notify other email addresses when members join, events get registrations, donations are made, store orders are placed or invoices are sent. This option lets you setup email routing to make aware others in your organization when certain events occur.




WordCamp Metro Detroit 2019 - Managed WordPress Demystified

Alex Sirota presented "Managed WordPress Demystified" at WordCamp Metro Detroit 2019. The audience enjoyed an updated talk on selecting a managed WordPress host. The video (coming soon!) and the presentation is below.



How to search Gmail

If you have used Gmail from Google for any length of time, you realize how powerful being able to search all your email is in less than a second. Many people don't even organize their email at all and just let the Google-brain help you search all email you have ever received or sent. Most people's mailboxes as a result look like a hodge podge of read, unread, drafts and even notes to themselves. Searching Gmail by keywords works, but there are a lot better ways to pinpoint a specific set of emails or just even one email with handy search operators. Just like searching Google, your Gmail can be searched with a variety of operators.

Here are our favourites:

Searching for an email from someone by name or email

from: <name>


from: <email address>


Searching for an email that was cc'd or bcc'd to someone

cc: <name>


bcc: <email address>


Searching for a message with a word, but not another word

dinner -movie


"I want this sentence" -notthisword


Searching for a message with an attachment



Searching for a message with an attachment with a certain filetype or name




Searching for a message that is unread, snoozed



is:read is:starred


Searching for a message sent before or after a date





after:2017/01/01 before:2017/12/31

Searching for a messages of a certain size (in bytes of MB), useful for removing large emails!







You can also combine these operators together to form a very powerful way to pinpoint your search. Armed with search operators you are an advanced Gmail ninja!


The Future of Wild Apricot: Impressions from PersoniFest 2019

Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting, recently attended PersoniFest 2019 in Savannah, Georgia. Alex was representing NewPath Consulting as a Wild Apricot Partner. This was the 20th annual PersoniFest, but only the second one attended by Alex. He also gave a learning session at the conference called "3 Professional Wild Apricot Magic Tricks.

Personify made it super-affordable to attend PersoniFest for Wild Apricot customers and partners! Wild Apricot customers and partners had access to a conference full of learning, networking and tons of fun for the price of one night at a local hotel. Nicole Malachowski was the keynote speaker, and she spoke about her experience becoming the first female pilot in the US Air Force's Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron.

Nicole is a leader, a combat veteran, an instructor, a White House Fellow, and an inductee into the Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame. When Nicole’s distinguished military career was cut short by a neurological tick-borne illness that, at its worst, left her unable to walk safely or speak intelligibly, she overcame those challenges, as well. Her talk was awe inspiring.

Over 80 Wild Apricot employees, customers and partners attended the event, by far the largest collection of Wild Apricots that we have ever met in person! There were 11 learning sessions that were created for Wild Apricot customers. A full agenda is available online to review the breadth of the conference.

Integrating Wild Apricot into the Personify Family

Wild Apricot's integration into Personify is now fully complete. There is now a Wild Apricot landing page on the Personify website which features a brand new Wild Apricot brochure. The brochure contains a newly announced multi-chapter pricing model which offers up to 30% savings when you licence multiple Wild Apricot sites.

The CEO of Personify, Eric Thurston, also attended a special customer appreciation dinner on Monday evening, a true show of support for the Wild Apricot platform and customers. Affinipay, the company behind Wild Apricot Payments, sponsored and exhibited at PersoniFest 2019 as well. It was a treat to get to know the folks behind the customer service email and phone, as well as understand more about how Wild Apricot Payments is becoming the preferred payment system for Wild Apricot.

Denver Ballet Guild wins a Persi Award for Impact

One of our Wild Apricot customers Denver Ballet Guild won an Impact award at the 2019 Persi Awards!

Denver Ballet Guild is a non-profit organization that supports youth dance arts and whose mission is to stimulate interest in ballet and other forms of dance. In 2018, the organization modernized their online presence by migrating to Wild Apricot. Members and visitors to their website can register for events, join and support the Denver Ballet Guild with diverse membership types and donate online. Denver Ballet Guild administrators can conduct email marketing outreach to their constituent base. Denver Ballet Guild is driving significant increases in event revenue, membership renewals and more since launching their new site. Congratulations to the Denver Ballet Guild for the impact you have made to support and promote dance in the Denver community.

2019 Persi Award Winners
2019 Persi Award Winners

New Features Coming to Wild Apricot in 2019

What follows are a few impressions including some new upcoming features in Wild Apricot that will be rolled out during the rest of 2019. Note that these notes are not announcements, but rather our impressions from the conference. Please consider these observations and opinions, rather than facts.

There were many interesting talks that featured Wild Apricot functions and benefits during the conference. "Product Showcase & Sneak Preview: Wild Apricot" was one of the more exciting talks on April 9, 2019. It was given by Katya Tyukina, product manager at Wild Apricot. Below are some of the screen shots of the slides given at the conference:

1. The first features the new email editor which will bring a more user-friendly experience to creating emails. The new user interface will feature modern technology and best practices in user interface design. The design results will be predictable and on par with the most modern email builders available today. We hope this new interface will be integrated into the website builder too. It looks awesome!

Image from iOS (2)

2. The Colors and Styles feature of the Website Builder is being completely redesigned. The new design features much simpler interface which will allow you to pick a new color pallete and apply your organization's preferred colors to the whole website. You can choose the preferred font, brand color or just revert to a default. You may still want to use our Wild Apricot Text Manager, but for much more specific text changes rather than CSS changes. This is a welcome improvement!

Image from iOS (2)

3. Wild Apricot Payments, powered by Affinipay, will get 3 useful improvements: recurring donations, issuing refunds directly from the admin interface and saving credit cards for future use. Wild Apricot Payments is indeed the preferred payment platform and will continue to get features that set it apart from any of the other payment systems available in Wild Apricot.

Image from iOS (2)

4. The Wild Apricot mobile apps for members will get a few new features including financial information and push notifications. The admin app will get more features currently available on the web application only.

Image from iOS (2)
Here is a short video featuring the email editor interface coming to Wild Apricot in 2019.

More Breakout Sessions On Wild Apricot and Association Management

Mark Faccia, Tatiana Morand and Shiv Narayanan all had amazing talks at the event and I highly recommend you give them a watch.

Tatiana Morand gave a talk titled "The Three Keys to Growing your Organization with Content." It was a master class on creating content that attracts new members. 

Hypergrowth! Best in SaaS Techniques for Building Your Organisation was an eye openining and important talk on strategic growth management. Shiv talked about go-to-marketing strategy, what metrics your organization should — and shouldn’t — pay attention to, as well as the skills you need on your team to make real growth happen.

Where is Personify taking Wild Apricot?

There are some other developments that were announced like details on Personify Hub. Support for Wild Apricot in the new integration hub is yet to be announced but it seems likely that the various Personify products are now able to communicate with each other. The Hub makes it possible to integrate with products outside of the Personify family as well.

There is clearly more focus on Wild Apricot being used as a chapter solutions for Personify customers. Alex met a customer who uses Personify360 for headquarters and has over 100 Wild Apricot websites deployed across the country. The possibilities for large organizations to adopt Wild Apricot for chapter management is an incredible opportunity due to the affordability, power and flexibility of Wild Apricot.

The experience of meeting the Personify family face to face and interacting with customers and partners is one of a kind. We highly encourage customers and partner of Wild Apricot to join us at PersoniFest 2020.

Where is PersoniFest 2020?

Here's a short recap video from PersoniFest 2019. We will see you April 5, 2020 in Colorado Springs!


Personifest 2019 Presentation: "3 Professional Wild Apricot Magic Tricks"

You are convinced that Wild Apricot is a great fit for your organization. You got all the basics setup. But there are lingering thoughts — will it really do everything you need? Culled from several years of experience deploying Wild Apricot for organizations around the world, this presentation will illustrate the true transformative power of Wild Apricot.

NewPath Consulting will share three tricks: Website Design with CSS, Multi-chapter Member Directory Magic, and Professional Reports and Analytics.


For registered participants at Personifest 2019 a video of our talk along with slides is now available! All of the Personifest 2019 talks are available for free with a quick registration. Use the registration code 'personifest2019'.


11 Steps to Membership Management Success – Spreading the Word and Training

Step 10: Spreading the Word and Training
Step 10: Spreading the Word and Training

Congratulations, your painstaking planning and collective efforts have finally come to fruition!

By now you should be confident that everyone who has worked with you to this point has a stronger understanding of:


  • How to clean up and migrate your member and contact database into Wild Apricot
  • How to plan, design and create a Wild Apricot-powered website
  • How to configure, test and launch your Wild Apricot website


With every well-functioning system comes a plan to keep it running smoothly. As you settle into using your new membership database day-to-day, you will enjoy the benefits of having chosen Wild Apricot.

To complete our 11-part series to membership management success, here are some best practices for keeping your Wild Apricot running smoothly. These tips include knowledge transfer to other staff and volunteers, training and an ongoing support model to ensure your prospective members and current members continue to receive value from your website.

Invite people to your new ‘home’

Letting members know about your new website is a key step to generating initial excitement. Begin by creating a launch email that introduces your new website to your members. Wild Apricot has created a New Member Guide that you can reuse and tailor for the website announcement and future communications.

You can send password reset instructions in your new site announcement email blast, so members can easily log in and set up their own passwords. For example, you can create a short video featuring your executive director or a volunteer member to explain how simple the website is to use. Featuring your own members really grabs attention and gets the message across!

Tip: Include the reset password macro in your message. You can also assign passwords when creating or updating contacts manually.

Keep everyone on the same page  –  start an operational manual

An operational manual is important to document for all organizational staff and volunteers. This document will help all administrators and volunteers maintain and improve your system. Long-term marketing and improvement of the website content will ensure your members stay engaged and continue to value and become aware of your organization's benefits. You will get the greatest benefit from Wild Apricot when there is more than one person involved in managing the system, just in case someone decides to retire, switch jobs or stops volunteering.

This is also a good time to decide which administrators will be assigned to your site. One of the hardest things to do is to find unpaid volunteers to maintain technology systems. Your organization may need to incent volunteers to do this maintenance. Some organizations decide to allocate a few thousand dollars per year and outsource the maintenance of Wild Apricot. This may include populating the event system or helping with email marketing campaigns.

Administrators will have ability to make changes to contacts, members, administrate website pages and send out email to your database. You should assign your account administrators and their roles and provide some training to them. Here is an ideal set of administrative roles:

  • a primary and backup full-access administrator
  • a primary and backup website and  membership administrator
  • an event and email newsletter administrator

In many organizations, there will be at most one or two people who will provide ongoing administrative support. NewPath Consulting estimates that at least 5 to 10 hours per month should be spent managing Wild Apricot, and in some larger organizations this role could be a part-time job.

If your business has only one person managing your account(s), make sure you have a plan for how these critical tools will be managed when and if that person is suddenly unavailable.

NewPath Consulting offers concierge-level support for Wild Apricot customers under our Bronze customer care plan. You may choose to do this rather than depending on your volunteer base.

Managing security and credentials

As part of your operational plan, your staff and volunteers should setup a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to securely record all passwords. You should include all:  

  • Wild Apricot administrator accounts
  • domain name control panel credentials
  • payment system credentials
  • email inboxes configured on the account
  • test Wild Apricot member accounts

Expand your reach …

Now that you’re up-and-running, it’s time to engage your community.

Even though you’ve launched, during these first few weeks, you can start recording feedback and take care of crucial issues, too!

You can use the new poll or survey gadget or set up a contact form on your website to collect comments. Then, prioritize what you think should be fixed right away and what wait until later.

It’s not all about fixing problems. Start reporting on your successes as well --  to your members, your board, your volunteers and other supporters. Discuss with them how to use what your new system offers to execute your organization’s strategic plan.

NewPath Consulting has been working on several reporting and design management tools for Wild Apricot so get in touch with us to find out more! 

Extend mobile access to members and administrators

Now that you’ve established your site and system administrators, you can give the Wild Apricot admin mobile app a try for a more flexible option. There are iOS and Android apps that can make it quite easy to send out email blasts to members and maintain your Wild Apricot website on the go.

Want your members to reach you more easily, too? Post a link to Wild Apricot’s members-only mobile app on your website and an email blast.

You’ve made it!

Increase Your Skill Level
Increase Your Skill Level

Thank you for reading our 11 Steps to Membership Management Success. We hope you’ll feel that you were able to follow along with  and learn all the key things you had to do.

You should now be able to keep your new membership management system running in a way meets the needs of your board, your members and prospective members for a long time to come! You’ve built your new home and opened the door up wide … but if you missed any part of the foundation, you might risk something falling through once people start coming in to have a look around.

A complete Wild Apricot migration that includes all 11 steps you’ve completed usually takes 2 to 5 months and  between 100 and 200 hours to complete. The work requires equal commitment on the part of the organization’s project committee and the consulting vendor if applicable.

NewPath Consulting provides a fixed cost package to migrate to Wild Apricot. And if you’ve gotten all the way to this step on your own, you may only need a few pieces to complete the puzzle, we offer hourly Wild Apricot coaching services.

Do you need help maintaining your Wild Apricot system now that it is running? Get in touch with us to find out more about your pro-level options!



11 Steps to Membership Management Success – Launching Your Site

Step 9: Launch
Step 9: Launch Your Wild Apricot System

You are finally ready for launch. Hooray!

Here is a checklist to help you count down to a smooth launch:



What to do



Is your site loading under your new domain name?

Check the necessary Wild Apricot steps for adding a custom domain.

If you are running an old website, you will log in to the domain control panel and point your domain to a new “A” record.

Ensure that your domain name registrar control panel is easily accessible pre-launch, so you can make the needed domain name record changes. You may wish to leave your old website running under an “old” subdomain like oldsite.mydomain.org.

There are a few more other domain name records you should add to avoid your email getting put into your members’ spam folder.


Go live on your online payment system (optional)

If you decided to take payments online, switch your online payment mechanism to “live.”



Check privacy settings for members

Test the privacy settings for members to make sure members are assigned default privacy settings for their profile. This is how their information will be displayed for the public and for other members, if at all.



Outgoing email address

If you want to send email on behalf of an organizational mailbox (rather than a default Wild Apricot mailbox) you will need to configure a custom domain and email settings.



Install a security certificate

Since Wild Apricot sites are transactional, your organization will collect private information as well as financial data, and therefore must be secured with SSL. Thus, you should also purchase or obtain an SSL certificate before launching under a custom domain name.


Use this free SSL certificate checker to check the quality of your certificate.



Test your website’s performance

Test performance and mobile responsiveness for both the public and members only pages, and fix any issues. Tip: Use Google’s Test My Site for the win!



Sit back and relax -- you’re done!

This one may be the easiest—toast your new website and CELEBRATE!

Celebrate Your Wild Apricot Website Launch!


It’s crucial to do these steps correctly. Get help if you are unsure! Contact us for advice.

Watch for our next and final step, where you’ll get tips on how to maintain strong momentum with your new system post-launch.


11 Steps to Membership Management Success – Field Test Your New Wild Apricot Website

Step 8: Field Test Your New Wild Apricot website
Step 8: Field Test Your New Wild Apricot website

You’ve got your shiny new website, database and payment system set up! It’s time to countdown to launch day. But first, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly before you open your front door to your members.

Ready … set … TEST

You’ve worked through a lot over the previous seven steps, and you have learned a lot to get to here. But, testing is a critical step — you do not want to rush your launch!  

Testing your new system can be as simple as testing your website with the people on your board of directors and a few of your organization’s members. This is especially true if you are migrating from an old website and database system.

With Wild Apricot things probably could not be more different from what you may be used to!  Testing the new system and addressing any critical pieces of feedback will ensure your board and members deliver a well-functioning system that reflects the pride in your organization’s mission!

While it’s in development, your website is already live under a test domain name (e.g. myorg.wildapricot.org), but the site is not running under your organization’s official domain name. Here are some test scenarios you may want to review while testing:

  • Can a new visitor quickly find the information they are seeking?
  • Can a returning member login to the website?
  • Can a visitor register for an event? Can they log in to register as a member?
  • Can a visitor become a new member?
  • Can a member update their profile and renew their membership?
  • Do online payment transactions, if applicable, process smoothly and quickly?

Getting volunteers to test

An organized testing plans requires two things:

  • a list of volunteers to test your new site
  • a list of steps you wish to test

You should choose volunteers who are willing to review the site and provide constructive feedback. Create a table to identify confirmed volunteer testers and record all scheduled test appointments.




Tester’s tech platform (Mac/PC/Tablet/Phone)

Assigned script to test

Technology testing (browser and version)

Scheduled appointment (in person/web conference?)

The ideal approach to testing is to create a “script” of step-by-step procedures that your volunteer testers will work through. It is best to do this in a coordinated fashion (rather than letting them randomly go through it on their own). Have someone on the phone or preferably on a web conference call, which you can record for later review.

While the testing is happening, have someone take notes of issues that appear and document them on a to-do list. This list should be prioritized to determine what to fix before launch.

Writing a test script

A test script is a great way to have testers and volunteers review your new Wild Apricot website. When you work through testing in a more formal way, you will get tens and even hundreds of pieces of feedback. The more testers, the more feedback.

It may feel overwhelming, but this “customer” feedback is invaluable and should be collected as long as your site is running. This is the primary means of addressing issues that will help you serve members best, and build an easy-to-use website that will inform and influence new visitors and prospective members.

Here is a sample test script you can use to test the look and feel of your website. You can have the volunteer fill this out or, better yet, record these steps as your volunteer tests the steps.




What to do



Load home page

type in the domain name for your Wild Apricot site (eg myorg.wildapricot.org)



Load home page on mobile device

use your smartphone and load your website

Is your site easy to read and use on a mobile device?


Membership signup

click join page and try to sign up for a membership; there is need to complete a full membership at this time



Log in as a password

Click Login and try to login; reset your password if necessary



Members Only content

Navigate to Member Tools and ensure you see new pages or navigation content



Find an event

Go to Event calendar section



Register for an event as a member

Work through a registration for an event with restricted registration types for  members only



Check out online in “test” mode

Work through an online transaction (make sure online payment system is in test mode)



TIP: To test users who are logged-out but still keep your admin view up in a regular window, use incognito browser windows.


Testing – it’s easier than you may think

With three to seven friendly and feedback-oriented members or a few active board members, you can easily run a field test of your website online or in person.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to spend at least 10–25 hours preparing and performing a usability test including five people – that’s before you actually implement any of the suggestions.

Thankfully, with Wild Apricot, each usability issue you prioritize for a well-designed Wild Apricot website needs only a 5–10 minute fix!

Still need some help …?

NewPath Consulting runs formal field tests with all of our customers during the test phase, using our web conferencing solution. Results from the usability test can be implemented before launch or over the first several weeks and months of the new website and membership system.

Contact us to learn more.


The “dress rehearsal” is over! In the next article you will learn the six key checklist items for launching your new site without a glitch.


11 Steps to Membership Management Success - Configure the Payment System

Step 7: Configure Your Payment System
Step 7: Configure Your Payment System


In the previous steps on planning and building your Wild Apricot website, you built your organization’s new “front door,” where you welcome prospective members to learn more about your organization and join. You also enabled current members to renew their membership, register for an event at a member discount, or access information only available for members.

Wild Apricot should be used for more than just informing and influencing members. Wild Apricot also helps you save time and earn more revenue by enabling ecommerce on your organization's website. But before you can do that you will need to enable a payment system to accept online payments securely.

In this step you’ll set up the a payment system to process payments made by your members in the way that suits you best. A payment system will also help administrators and volunteers accept money at an event as well as process registrations, renewals and donations on behalf of members who are not comfortable with providing credit cards online.

You need to do a few things if you wish to accept credit cards through Wild Apricot:

  1. select the appropriate supported payment system for your organization
  2. configure your selected online payment system
  3. test your payment system with a few sample transactions
  4. go live with your payment system

For processing online payments, you have several options: one of several supported,  third-party payment systems or Wild Apricot Payments, the preferred payment system introduced in 2018. NewPath Consulting discussed the benefits of Wild Apricot Payments in an article on our blog. But there are also several good reasons for choosing a payment system other than Wild Apricot Payments:

  • Your organization has selected another payment system which is actively integrated into your organization and used potentially by other websites or apps.
  • Your organization does not want to ask members to re-establish recurring memberships.
  • Your organization has negotiated a preferential transaction fee structure (less than 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction).

If your organization chooses not to use Wild Apricot Payments, a 20% Payment System Servicing Fee will be charged. Note, this fee is not based on the amount of your organization’s online revenue. The 20% payment system servicing fee is applied to your Wild Apricot monthly or yearly software licence fee. For example, if your organization pays $50 per month for the Wild Apricot "Group" tier, and you do not choose Wild Apricot Payments, you will pay $60 per month instead.

The Payment System Servicing Fee does not apply to you if:

  • Your organization has not enabled online payments.
  • Your organization is using Wild Apricot Payments as the online payment system.
  • Your organization is based outside the US or Canada.

NewPath Consulting recommends doing a cost analysis to see whether choosing Wild Apricot Payments or staying with your current payment system is worth the 20% servicing fee. On the smaller Wild Apricot plans like “Personal” or “Community” you can avoid the risk of switching payment systems, and incur the 20% servicing fee, which could be offset from a potential loss of any preferential transaction fee pricing or loss of  recurring revenue from members who do not re-establish their recurring membership profiles.

We believe very small organizations already using Wild Apricot, who are not using Wild Apricot Payments, can least afford to incur lower revenues by switching payment systems. We also recommend new Wild Apricot customers choose Wild Apricot Payments unless there is a compelling reason not to (e.g. your organization is outside of US or Canada). Many new interesting financial features will be deployed on Wild Apricot Payments, and only on Wild Apricot Payments. Wild Apricot Payements, after all, is billed as the "preferred" payment system. The other supported payment systems may not receive the same love as Wild Apricot Payments going forward and may not get new Wild Apricot-integrated features or benefits.

Wild Apricot Payment Selection Scenarios

The following table illustrates several organizational scenarios. You may want to adapt these scenarios to your organization when considering the potential cost or savings from switching to Wild Apricot Payments.



Organization 1

Organization 2

Organization 3

Organization 4

Wild Apricot Plan

Group ($50/month)

Community ($90/month)

Professional ($144/month billed annually)

Network ($261/month billed annually)

Current payment system

PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Pro








Payment System Monthly Fee





Payment System Transaction Fees

2.9% + 0.30c per transaction

2.9% + 0.30c per transaction

2.9% + 0.30c per transaction

2.9% + 0.30c per transaction

Refund Policy

Transaction fees are not returned

Transaction fees are not returned

Transaction fees are not returned

Transaction fees are not returned

Annual revenue

CAD $35,000

USD $80,000

EUR 150.000

USD $300,000

Annual transaction fees

250 online transactions: $1,090 in fees

750 online transactions: $2,965

2000 online transactions: EUR 4.950

3000 online transactions: $9,600

Annual Payment System Servicing Fee

$120 added to Group plan per year

$216 added to Community plan per year


$626 added to Network plan per year

Annual Wild Apricot Payment transaction fees





Lost Recurring Memberships*




20 (1% of members)

Recurring Membership Revenue Loss




One time loss of $2,000 in revenue, assuming $100 per year membership fee


Stay on PayPal Standard, extra $120 cost is negligible (0.3% of revenue)

Switch to Wild Apricot Payments, realize savings of $636 in transaction fees plus potential Payment System Servicing Fee

Stay on Stripe, Payment Servicing Fee does not apply to organizations in Europe

Switch to Wild Apricot Payments, realize an annual savings of $626 in Payment System Servicing Fee

* Lost recurring memberships may occur when changing online payment systems. If your organization has existing recurring memberships established with members, they will need to re-establish the recurring payment on the new payment system. The Wild Apricot help system describes this process.

Which payment methods will you choose?

Setting up your payment methods depends on how your organization prefers to accept payment for membership signups, renewals, event registrations, online store purchases or donations.

Your organization can accept payment manually (aka “offline”), online with a credit card or provide your member the choice of paying offline or with a credit card.

You can also set up a preferred payment method other than the global setting when managing the online store, creating or editing a membership level or creating  an event type.

Do you prefer to just generate invoices for manual payments, such as by cash, cheque or wire transfer?  If you turn on manual payments, you enable an invoice to be generated for later payment and your organization will not need to configure a payment system.

If you decide you wish to manually accept credit cards, you can still configure Wild Apricot Payments, and take credit cards through the virtual terminal capability instead of taking payments online.

If you prefer online payments only instead, you can turn off manual payments in the payment method for each membership level and for each event.

To accept both online and manual payments, configure both payment methods, so you can take payments online and record offline payments. This is usually what most organizations do.

You’ll learn how to test your whole Wild Apricot system and website in Step 8 – only three more to go!



11 Steps to Membership Management Success - Building Events, Advanced Searches and SEO


Step 6 - Building Events, Advanced Searches and SEO
Step 6 - Building Events, Advanced Searches and SEO

The events module is the most powerful and rich part of Wild Apricot. Events are one of the most, if not the most, popular ways to generate revenue and add value for members of your organization. Events, like web pages, can be:

  • published to the public or restricted to various audiences.
  • free or paid, simple RSVP or advanced
  • span one or more days and can have multiple registration types, or types of tickets

The secret to mastering the events module is to understand how registration types work along with the registration form and custom fields. If you configure the event to work exactly how you need it to it will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort and simplify the pre-event data collection process as well as the event check-in process.

Remember, events are part of your website content. In fact when you publish an event a “web page” is created by Wild Apricot with its own link. Events have a unique link in Wild Apricot that can be shared. Events can show up in the event gadgets throughout your site pages or page templates.

The registration type is a really handy way to create different types of tickets. For example, one registration type can be setup for the public, and another can be setup for members only with a discounted price. So, if an active member logs into the website they will see the special registration type (aka ticket) with a price discount, whereas the public will see a publicly offered event price. Some organizations incent contacts to become members just to get the special event price, which can be done in the event description and email call to action. There are lots of special configuration settings for registration types including allowing guest registration and setting ticket maximums and early bird pricing.

This is the best way to engage your members and deliver value. Create events, invite your contacts and members and watch your community grow! There’s more information to help you: Wild Apricot’s events setup checklist gives a handy step-by-step for setting up events.

Advanced Content and Member Searches & Membership Groups

The advanced search features (contact and members) are an important way to create reports and segments of your database. Mastering searching is mastering the art and science of database management!

Advanced searches are not only useful reporting tools; they also allow you to target members of your database with emails or create custom member directories. When you save advanced searches you can reuse them over and over. The search results is dynamic based on the criteria you assign to a saved search.

Membership groups can be used to create groups of members (e.g., your board of directors). Access control to pages can be restricted to not only various membership levels but also to membership groups. This is the best way to create a set of pages only available to a subset of members no matter what level they may be at. Note that contacts cannot be part of a membership group, and a member can be part of more than 1 membership group.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How will new members interested in your organization or community find you online? And more importantly, how will you attract people to your organization for fundraising or growing your membership? What would people search for when seeking an organization with services like yours?

To improve your site’s ranking in search results, Wild Apricot features search engine optimization features that can be added to your site content.

Make sure the keywords that describe your organization and its mission appear early in your content and in your meta keywords. Wild Apricot allows you to add a global set of meta tags as well as create a custom set of tags for every page you build in Wild Apricot.

Wild Apricot, by default, assigns numeric links to page titles, which  may not be very search engine-friendly. You can improve your site’s findability with:

  • customized page titles
  • description meta tags
  • you can also add a collection of favicons so that your website is appropriately branded in web browsers and mobile home screens.

Read more on SEO in the Wild Apricot help site.

Social Media

Similar to search engine results, links to social media need to be managed in a specific way with Wild Apricot websites.

Social media networks will try to infer various pieces of information about your web pages, such as a summary of a blog post, a specific page preview and your featured image for the page.

These elements may or may not load properly from your website. But there are quick fixes you can apply so they load properly:

  • You can use this social media optimization toolset from to take the guesswork out of setting up your pages ready for social media.
  • Learn to change your preview image right from the Wild Apricot help pages. You can modify your images to readily publish OpenGraph tags that will optimize an ideal social media sharing experience ensuring that the format, image size, title and description of your post is optimized for popular social media platforms like Facebook.

Configure Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Do you know how many people visit your website? And whether your site is properly indexed by Google?

Installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console is quite easy. You can use the Global Javascript option to insert the proper code for any third-party tracking system.

Ready to migrate? More info is coming to help you …

You’ve come a long way in this process … and you’ll see it come to fruition soon! Get ready to configure the payment system, the engine that will bring revenue into your organization.

Watch for this guidance our next chapter: Configure Your Payment System