Are you an existing Zoom user or customer?

NewPath Consulting provides consulting services to existing Zoom customers through our affordable monthly service plans as well as on a project basis.

We can assist with the setup and use of Zoom as well as implement integrations with other services that work with Zoom. To get started please schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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Zoom - Over 750,000 companies trust Zoom for real-time web conferencing

Why use Zoom?


Zoom in One Video


Video Conferencing that "just works..."

Your time is important and your online meetings need to work all of the time, every time. And it needs to be simple. With Zoom, you get a great video meeting experience from your desktop, mobile device and conference room.

Mostly we like the fact that Zoom calls always work - no matter what. From the office. From home. From the hotel. From the airport. From the coffee shop. Despite our best efforts, it was hard to break Zoom... While nothing is perfect, Zoom is not that far off."