Does your site run on WordPress but you need ongoing support and maintenance?

NewPath Consulting provides consulting services to existing WordPress users through our affordable monthly service plans as well as on a project basis.

We can assist with configuration, design and training for your organization. To get started please schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Free 30 Minute Consultation


More about WordPress


We use an industry-grade Managed WordPress host to help you launch and maintain custom WordPress-powered websites. You can build just about any type of ecommerce or publishing platform on WordPress with thousands of custom design themes and plugins available your website will stand out among your competitors. We maintain the website, ensuring that 30 days of backups are available. We also secure your website against hacks and malicious attacks.



Tell the world about your business

NewPath uses WordPress to create website and blog for your business and share it with the world. You can even post from your iPhone or iPad. Through your own website, you can reach your customers in a professional and user friendly way, and keep them coming back for more.

Create a search-engine friendly business

If you have an online presence, we will make sure people can find you. NewPath Consulting will help you to use the right keywords, in the right place, so that interested consumers can find you on the Web. We will also help you use incoming links (get other Web sites to link to yours) in order to rank higher in search results.

Share rich media content, easily

A WordPress website allows you to share audio and video files on the Internet. You can use rich media to promote new products, provide tutorials, share interviews, and more. Your customers can not just read your website, but listen and watch it as well.

Powerful Design and customizations

A WordPress website can be extended in thousands of directions to support your specific business needs. Do you want to sell products online? No problem. Are you building an online magazine with content and advertising? Done. As of 2015, the WordPress ecosystem runs over 25% of the websites on the Internet and continues to grow as the premier content management system for business and the public sector.

Here's a great series of short videos on the major capabilities of WordPress.