The Wild Apricot Mobile Apps (WAMA) is NewPath's custom mobile app offerings. With Glide Apps + Integromat you can create a public, member-only or hybrid mobile app, branded for your organization. You can select a color scheme, a logo icon. Best of all, the app is deployed with a simple link or QR Code. You don't need to deploy the app to the app store!


NewPath has designed an Integromat scenario that "syncs" Wild Apricot contact, event, invoice and other modules' data with your mobile app. This makes it easy to have any data that changes in your Wild Apricot site be reflected on your organization's mobile app, which may be installed by all your contacts or members. Glide apps do not have to be installed from an app store. At this time Glide Apps cannot be installed in the Apple App Store, but they can be distributed by link or QR Code on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Apps can be public - that is viewable and installable by anyone. They can be members-only (private) and require a password. They can also be 'hybrid' which means there is public data as well as a set of members-only tabs that can be seen when you login.


Here's a sample app you can install by clicking on the install link or scanning the QR Code with your phone or tablet:


Npc sample wa app


90 seconds on Glide Apps


Installing Glide Apps


Building a directory app with Glide Apps