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Introducing Wild Apricot Automation Manager (WAAM)

Wild apricot automation manager waam
Wild Apricot Automation Manager (WAAM)

Wild Apricot is a turnkey solution that does a lot out of the box. But Wild Apricot cannot possibly implement every possible scenario that a customer may have. The Wild Apricot team has provided the necessary tools to build your own automation scenarios. These tools includes the Wild Apricot API and the Wild Apricot module in Integromat as well as any 3rd party APIs of other systems like MailChimp, Google Calendar or Microsoft Excel in Office365 and hundreds of other applications.

NewPath is delighted to introduce the Wild Apricot Automation Manager: a collection of ready made Integromat scenarios that you can reuse in minutes! You can use these:

  • to address a limitation of Wild Apricot's core functionality (work-around).
  • to add new functionality to Wild Apricot by adding another system or several (new function).
  • to speed up and make less error-prone a set of repeated tasks done in Wild Apricot (automate).

Building scenarios requires a free or paid Integromat account as well as a general understanding of visual workflow design that Integromat scenarios employ. Knowing some basic programming like conditional flow control and data parsing helps a lot, too! Most Wild Apricot customers don't have these skills so NewPath has designed a ready set of scenarios that you can reuse quickly.

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Here are our available and future ready-built WAAM scenarios. To use the blueprints below, use the Import Blueprint feature into your Integromat account. The video below shows how to do that.



Download Contact Updater From Events

Works around the following limitation:

Values entered in common fields on event registration forms will not update corresponding fields in the registrant's contact record, but are stored separately within event registration records.

New Functions

Download Update MailChimp <-> Wild Apricot

Synchronizes contact and member profile information with MailChimp

Download Wild Apricot Events <-> Google Calendar

Move and Update Wild Apricot events into Google Calendar

Note: Need to create a data store before running this scenario:

Data store for events to gcal
Data store required for Wild Apricot <-> Google Calendar


Download Send Certificate to Attendees

This template sends a PDF certificate by email to yesterday's checked-in event attendees

Download Create Invoices QuickBooks Online

Supports automatically importing invoices and customers into QuickBooks Online (QBO)


Bulk Invoice Printer

Print one or more invoices into text or PDF files with emailing and Dropbox routing

Custom QuickBooks (Desktop) Exporter

Create a custom IIF file from Wild Apricot for  QuickBooks (Desktop)

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