Customer Testimonials

We partner with organization to implement an integrated suite of software solutions that helps you become more productive, powerful, and sustainable. NewPath Consulting works with organizations just like yours: small- and medium-sized organizations seeking an integrated one-stop-shop approach to selecting and implementing appropriate  solutions. We can help you:

Below are a few examples of our customer testimonials.


Professional and Trade Associations

International Association for Spatial Structures

International Association for Spatial Structures

Migrating to a Modern Membership Management System


International Association of Reiki Practitioners

Saving Time and Money on Membership Benefits

Association of Canadian Archivists

Association of Canadian Archivists

Aligning to Strategic Goals

Sports and Specialty Clubs

High park ski club home page

High Park Ski Club

A refreshing website for a refreshing sport

DBG New Logo Art in Motion Vertical

Denver Ballet Guild

Supporting Local Dance Arts Online

Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano

Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano

Building Community One Member at a Time

Resa's Pieces

Resa's Pieces

Musicians in our community

Condominiums and Home Owners Associations (HOA)


eQuinelle Resident Club

A new world of interactivity and connection

WordPress Solutions

GKS Logo

Gjergj Kastrioti Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund Raises More Funds with Less Effort

Insightaas home page

Insight as a Service

WordPress as a publishing and advertising system