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A very good use of 50 minutes - The Personal MBA

Josh Kaufman, the author of "The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business" is a maverick. He says that the cost of getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is essentially buying a $100,000 interview (presumably with a company that will reward you for the MBA if you are hired). In this 50+ minute talk, he makes an excellent set of points and describes the DNA of every business system, culled from reading hundreds of business books. In an interesting Q&A at the end of the video Josh also describes the separation of credentialing with the actual education, as opposed to what it is now where both education and the credential (the degree) are interwoven. Can you imagine a future where you receive education in any way you can (online and offline), and then credential with any institution as long as you "pass" a level of competency, which includes real world experience and work? The credential could cost a lot less, while the education could take  lot less time (or more!) than the current 12-2o years.



Enough extroverts. We need more introverts!

RSA has some exceptional videos online. Here's one that describes why the world needs more introverts to complement all the shiny extroverted people that you hear so much about. Let's have a little more quiet. I think that's a terrific concept for a busy, loud world!



What motivates you? Dan Pink tells us what drives us today.

Thomas Friedman published an interesting, short opinion piece on the New York Times today that points to a simple fact: young people must learn what motivates them while they learn about the 3 Rs. It's not enough to know "facts and figures." Anyone can find this information on the Internet. What is more important is what you do with this knowledge. This is what employers pay for today: turning knowledge into action and results. And to do that you must be motivated.

Dan Pink, who we have written about before, tells us the 3 components of motivation in this inventive video. With over 10 million views, if you haven't seen this take a look, you won't be sorry. And maybe you will find a new source of motivation.



Guest Post: "December: A Time for Leadership in Action" by Nina Spencer

On the brilliant, unseasonably warm early afternoon of November 21st, 2003, I found myself travelling 5 hours homeward-bound along Ontario's Highway 401 from a speaking engagement near the Ontario-Quebec border. Since that weekday marked my father's 75th birthday, and since his chosen rural retirement community was located in that part of Eastern Ontario, I decided to surprise him with a birthday visit. He hadn't expected me until the following weekend, but I just couldn't resist the serendipity of it all...and a beautiful afternoon to enjoy together, to boot!

Well, surprise him I did! We had a fabulous afternoon...went for a long country drive along golden rural roads, stopped for a proper English country Tea and even squeezed in a visit to a chocolate factory! Who could ask for more? As the sun sank too early below the Standard-Time horizon, the day and our time together quickly came to a close. So as to not be driving on dark roads alone for too long a time, I left by the dinner hour, promising to return at Christmastime. That never happened.

Two weeks later, my otherwise robust, sturdy and healthy father took mysteriously unwell and was transferred to three progressively larger hospitals over 10 days before receiving the diagnosis of stroke. Although he was given the encouragement of full recovery he died in hospital on December 21, 2003--one month to the day after our spontaneous afternoon together--and not from a stroke, after all, but rather, a virus that entered his spine, called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. I hadn't travelled the four hours back to visit him in hospital between December 6th and the 21st, due to my own illness (a nasty flu, and besides, my dad was getting better and we'd see him during Christmas week, or so I thought). A decision I'll always regret.

December is a terrific time for taking action. Learning from my own regret, what might you regret doing or not doing this season if you defer once again? Who are some of the people with whom you'd like to reconnect, either in the workplace or elsewhere? What are some of the workplace tasks you'd like to complete, to be able to reach year's end with a sense of peace and satisfaction? What happiness can you bring to your December days, as well as to the experience of others, both colleagues and clients or customers, alike?

These days at work, before the Christmas break, can be taxing or terrific, depending on the seasonal demands of your job and within your organization. For some, this is the slow season; for others, it's panic time extraordinaire. Regardless, it is that time of year, yet again.

So declare December a time for leadership -- personal or professional -- in action; apply these 10 strategies to deliver you (and your team) to a happy and peaceful year's end...

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Steve Jobs 1983 Talk on Computers - Visionary in Action

Just an outstanding talk by Steve Jobs with a Q&A, back from 1983. It is truly outstanding as it forecasts maps and wireless Internet, and a lot more!



Business Model Generation - Look Closely at Your Business

Recently I heard about a new concept called Business Model Generation. We all know some over-priced consultants writing reams of material on how to run a successful business. We all have heard about business plans and the value of such, but rarely do we actually write one. But how do you really innovate, design, change and challenge your business model? This video describes one approach designed by over 400 smart people all over the world, as part of a fascinating project that began in 2011 and continues to this day. Here's the idea in 2 minutes:



Better talent management, in the cloud with Unrabble

We're considering working with Unrabble to hire an account coordinator. Any feedback? No resumes needed!