Saving Time and Money on Membership Benefits


Linda LaFlamme, Founder and CEO

Technology services: Wild Apricot API, WebMerge, Formstack

About International Association of Reiki Practitioners

The IARP® is the professional association of the global Reiki community, working to promote wide-reaching healing effects throughout the world and to provide members with great benefits and tools to enhance and expand their practices. IARP works to create a supportive environment within Reiki for all independent Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers.

Building New Functionality for Members

IARP hired NewPath for multiple projects resulting in automation and streamlining of some of our processes for member services. IARP appreciated the robust functionality in Wild Apricot, but they also needed additional features that were not available "out of the box" and could only be implemented by using the Wild Apricot API alongside other third party systems.

Generating Member Certificates for Teachers and Students

IARP provides training for reiki students and masters. Certificates of completion are provided for  students who have completed a class. Each certificate is good for one year of membership and must be regenerated every year. IARP wanted to convert printed, mailed certificates into digital certificates that can be printed by students right from their membership portal. 

NewPath built an integration between a member's profile and WebMerge, a document generation system that dynamically created printable, secure certificates that can be printed. Certificates were created instantly with the student's name, unique member number and signature of the CEO of IARP.

Saving Money and Increasing Member Benefits

The implementation of automated member certificates saved both time and money for IARP. Previously certificates had to be printed and mailed across the world, at a cost of about $5 per certificate. The automated digital system reduced the cost to under $1 per certificate. The self-service model also increased member loyalty and satisfaction as certificates were instantly available on demand and digital versions could be used to reprint certificates as necessary. The security of the certificate ensured that no unauthorized changes could be made to reduce fraud.

A secondary benefit increased revenue for IARP. A new system enabled reiki master teachers to generate certificates of various designs on demand. The creation of a self-service certificate system aimed at reiki teachers created a new income stream for IARP and improved the relationship between IARP and their teacher members.

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“Alex is forward thinking and understands progressive membership organizations' wishlists for Wild Apricot. NewPath can get the job done right in a short timeframe.”Linda LaFlamme Founder and CEO, IARP
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