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Building partnerships at Vaughan Business-to-Business Expo

As part of our preparation for the City of Vaughan B2B Expo, we have published a guest post on the City of Vaughan Blog. Please visit the blog and read up on 7 tips to get the most out of the expo. You can also follow the link from the blog to register for the event. If you run a small to medium sized business this is a great event you should not miss!

The Expo is a great opportunity for any small business in Vaughan to network with more than 100 local businesses.  Companies will find potential customers at the booths right on the show floor. Attending the Expo is a cost-effective marketing opportunity for small businesses. We look forward to growing our relationship with the City of Vaughan and the business community by being a corporate sponsor this year.


Trends in Cloud IT circa 2015

"Today, 12% of organizations surveyed run 100% of their IT in the cloud; in five years more than 50% of our respondents said they will be moving their IT entirely to the cloud; in 10 years, that number will climb past 70%."      - BetterCloud.com - Trends in Cloud IT: 2015


The chart above from a survey of over 1500 IT customers across the world says one thing: adoption of cloud has a long way to go. Which is really great for cloud service providers like us. David Politsis from BetterCloud.com delivered this breaking research at the Small Business Web Summit East in New York City, and one thing was certainly clear:

The business opportunity for cloud adoption is still very much ahead and by no means "over."

100% penetration of cloud into an organization means that the business is either "born in the cloud" or has completely transformed all their legacy, on-premise applications to the cloud. The laggard 20% in 2025 most likely are the Fortune 500 companies which may never fully go cloud for various reasons. Imagine a bank that has fully outsourced their IT to the cloud and has none of their own infrastructure -- that's pretty hard to imagine for 100+ year old banks, no?

Forecasting when such a deep adoption of cloud may reach a tipping point is really a crystal ball exercise. All indications point to a 5-10 year race ahead for businesses who buy IT services, for companies that make cloud software and services and companies that manage and help customers buy. This is a clarion call that we heard loud and clear, and we were very fortunate to get this first hand at the event. We look forward to attending year over year to this critical small business cloud event listening and participating in what the best in the business have to say about cloud adoption and the business of cloud.


G2Crowd.com Features NewPath Consulting in the Fall 2015 Ontario Gridscape

We are really excited to find out today that NewPath Consulting has been identified as a "high performer" in the G2Crowd.com Fall 2015 Ontario Gridscape. This product and service comparison matrix covers select Ontario, Canada companies who provide cloud products and services. We are honoured to be part of this group of high performing Ontario companies. As we continue to grow we look forward to reading more reviews on G2Crowd from our customers and participating in this terrific review marketplace.

image from d2eyrv63e6x6lp.cloudfront.net

Here's the overall IT griscape for IT Consulting companies at G2Crowd.


"When (and How) Should You Update Technology?" on Canon's Small Business Central

As a business owner, you can’t ignore technology any more than you can ignore your customers. Even if your products or services aren’t particularly high tech, the current wealth of available tools can make your workflow more efficient and boost your visibility to clients. But that abundance of technology also can be overwhelming. What tools do you really need? And how can you tell when it’s time to upgrade your current tech?

Read more over at Canon's Small Business Central...


Parallels Publishes Extraordinary Survey of Cloud Use by Small Business

The US 2014 Parallels SMB (Small Medium Business) Report is truly fascinating. It speaks volumes and support the vision at NewPath Consulting:

  1. bundling services and support
  2. single point of support for SMBs
  3. serving the 0-25 employee audience
  4. staying competitive on price

Several international reports as well as a global report are available at the Parallels website for free download without registration.

An infographic summarizes the report well (but it's a loooong one!)

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How Typepad Helped NewPath Consulting Launch A Responsive Website With 3 Cool Features!

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works. The design of the Mac wasn’t what it looked like, although that was part of it. Primarily, it was how it worked. To design something really well, you have to get it. You have to really grok [understand] what it’s all about. It takes a passionate commitment to really thoroughly understand something, chew it up, not just quickly swallow it. Most people don’t take the time to do that." - Steve Jobs

TypePad published some great content on how we built the NewPath Consulting website back in 2013. It's worth checking out that post again!


The quickest way to improve your bottom line: Get past clients to come back!

This is what we have always believed and found true: every month, the majority of revenue come from existing clients. Think about it. Who paid you the most last month? Current customers or new customers? Yet we spend most of our time, budget and effort on people who don't know us, those who are indifferent to us and our offering (at least, initially). How much more value can we create if, instead, we focus on those who know us, who has paid us and who trust in our work - our past customers. Let's see how to win back those wonderful folks.

Why working on winning back old clients is better.


  • They are familiar with your work (you don't have to spend time pitching about your better quality of work.). They know what to expect.
  • They know you. We humans generally are comfortable to work with the people we already know.
  • They understand and respect your working style. They know your pricing. They generally don't negotiate a lower price than what they paid earlier. If you have good reasons, you can get a higher price.
  • Heck, they have trusted us enough to pay us. This is golden. This is the ultimate test: when someone trusts you with their hard-earned money. Provide outstanding value that they stay with you forever.


Why working on winning back old clients is better

Before we try to win back your old clients, it's important to find out why they stopped buying in the first place.

  • They simply lost in touch. (They forgot you.)
  • They have found a new vendor.
  • They have moved places. Left the job. Changed careers.
  • They don't need your product or service anymore.
  • They are unhappy with your service or product.

If you think a particular has stopped buying from you because they are unhappy with your service, none of the following ideas will work. Fix what's broken. Then tell the client that you've fixed what caused them dissatisfaction.

They might come back to you or not. But you've done your best. Now, let's see how to win them back if other reasons are at play.

  • Offer something for free. Consultation calls. An ebook. A book. Free inspection. Free review. List of 10 ideas for them.
  • Introduce your new offerings
  • Tell about your recent projects, and tell them how you can work together in the future.
  • Share a success story
  • Write a best-practice report.
  • Upgrade them for free
  • Ask about their work
  • Find out their biggest struggles at work
  • Offer a no-risk trial of a product
  • Offer a product or service at ten times the value of their average ticket
  • Subscribe them to your newsletter

Prabu Rajasekaran is guest blogging for NewPath Consulting. He wrote this article on winning your old clients in September 2013.


Guest Post: "December: A Time for Leadership in Action" by Nina Spencer

On the brilliant, unseasonably warm early afternoon of November 21st, 2003, I found myself travelling 5 hours homeward-bound along Ontario's Highway 401 from a speaking engagement near the Ontario-Quebec border. Since that weekday marked my father's 75th birthday, and since his chosen rural retirement community was located in that part of Eastern Ontario, I decided to surprise him with a birthday visit. He hadn't expected me until the following weekend, but I just couldn't resist the serendipity of it all...and a beautiful afternoon to enjoy together, to boot!

Well, surprise him I did! We had a fabulous afternoon...went for a long country drive along golden rural roads, stopped for a proper English country Tea and even squeezed in a visit to a chocolate factory! Who could ask for more? As the sun sank too early below the Standard-Time horizon, the day and our time together quickly came to a close. So as to not be driving on dark roads alone for too long a time, I left by the dinner hour, promising to return at Christmastime. That never happened.

Two weeks later, my otherwise robust, sturdy and healthy father took mysteriously unwell and was transferred to three progressively larger hospitals over 10 days before receiving the diagnosis of stroke. Although he was given the encouragement of full recovery he died in hospital on December 21, 2003--one month to the day after our spontaneous afternoon together--and not from a stroke, after all, but rather, a virus that entered his spine, called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. I hadn't travelled the four hours back to visit him in hospital between December 6th and the 21st, due to my own illness (a nasty flu, and besides, my dad was getting better and we'd see him during Christmas week, or so I thought). A decision I'll always regret.

December is a terrific time for taking action. Learning from my own regret, what might you regret doing or not doing this season if you defer once again? Who are some of the people with whom you'd like to reconnect, either in the workplace or elsewhere? What are some of the workplace tasks you'd like to complete, to be able to reach year's end with a sense of peace and satisfaction? What happiness can you bring to your December days, as well as to the experience of others, both colleagues and clients or customers, alike?

These days at work, before the Christmas break, can be taxing or terrific, depending on the seasonal demands of your job and within your organization. For some, this is the slow season; for others, it's panic time extraordinaire. Regardless, it is that time of year, yet again.

So declare December a time for leadership -- personal or professional -- in action; apply these 10 strategies to deliver you (and your team) to a happy and peaceful year's end...

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@Aromachology CEO Ashlee Firsten Talks Business Scents

A very inspiring profile of a Toronto-based business called Aromachology on the Freshbooks blog. They make personalized scents and are getting some excellent buzz around their perfume bars and perfume parties. We love how Ashlee talks about learning the tools required to run their business on their own and being independent without paying hundreds of dollars to others to get it done. I wonder if they've discovered the other parts of the small business web that can accelerate and amplify their success?


@Formstack Video Series: Custom Service and Support Solutions