Are you an existing GoDaddy customer?

NewPath Consulting provides consulting services to existing GoDaddy customers through our affordable monthly service plans as well as on a project basis. NewPath Consulting is part of the GoDaddy Pro program which makes it easy for us to work with existing GoDaddy customers.


We can assist with the management of your existing GoDaddy services as well as implement new GoDaddy solutions to help your business grow. To get started please schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Free 30 Minute Consultation


GoDaddy Pro - making it easy to help you manage your GoDaddy account

GoDaddy Pro is for all the web designers and developers who build and maintain websites – particularly WordPress sites – for other people. It automates routine maintenance tasks, consolidates client management tools into one dashboard.

GoDaddy Pro in One Video


GoDaddy Managed WordPress

Our WordPress plans feature dynamic load balancing, PHP7.x, HTTP/2, multiple caching layers and much more. Each site is containerized so other sites won’t affect your performance. If traffic spikes, we  increase your container automatically. Get 99.9% uptime with built-in redundancy and automatic failovers. Your site is always online and running at top speed.