Case Study: Editta Sherman - Photographer to the Stars



The Editta Sherman website needed continual maintenance to be kept up to date.  In order to have a vibrant site, the Editta Sherman Trust needed a level of support commensurate with changes that occurred fairly frequently. The website was receiving thousands of visits per month, but that traffic was not being tracked nor led to a "call to action." In particular there was no way to buy a book called "Facades" that featured the art of the world-famous photographer, Editta Sherman.


The strategy was simple: Make sure that each and every visit had a chance to view the latest videos about Editta Sherman. Editta Sherman Trust wanted to make sure that "Facades" was available on Amazon at a more reasonable price than the one being offered by other used-book sellers. Finally, it was critical to track traffic when there were any marketing events to see the pickup from various PR efforts.


NewPath Consulting first took ownership of the various web pages that composed After working to find out the current web host, the domain name was transferred to the Editta Sherman trust away from a web hosting provider and designer. Along with the domain transfer the web files now rest with NewPath Consulting preferred web host with direct access to the files by the Editta Sherman Trust. Secondly requests for content changes are handled in as little as a few minutes or hours. The navigation bar system was revised to reflect the most popular pages accessed, and the website has been somewhat redesigned to ensure visitors have quick and easy access to what they are looking for. Lastly, and most importantly, the "Facades" book was successfully placed into an Amazon Seller account, and listed for sale on Amazon. NewPath Consulting navigated the application process and also secured a PayPal account for the Trust.


The website now receives well over 1000 visits per month and has several spikes of activity. "Facades" has now sold tens of copies on and continues to create revenue for the Editta Sherman Trust. 

Ken Sherman
“It  has been a privilege to engaged NewPath Consulting in meeting our Trust’s  IT needs in a timely and professional manner.   Our website is now another breathing soul to help us plan our mothers 100th birthday celebration.”Ken Sherman for the ESAMTrust
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