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Sharon Knowles, Lead Volunteer, Technology

Technology services: Wild Apricot


About Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano

Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano (NFGP) is a social organization of warm, caring women who provide a supportive environment for new and established residents of Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas. The Club assists women in their transition by introducing them to others, fostering friendships and encouraging participation in the group's many activities.

Volunteer Staff Need Help, Too!

The Wild Apricot support staff is exceptionally responsive, but sometimes hands-on support and service is helpful. And that's where NewPath comes in with with concierge-level service for Wild Apricot.

NFGP, like many Wild Apricot customers, is a non-profit organization which operates with volunteer support. Although NFGP has members familiar with Wild Apricot skills, it is difficult to get volunteers to commit time for performing regular, ongoing maintenance of the website. With a NewPath Bronze monthly care plan, NFGP receives ongoing content management including new content, event setup or emails to membership. In turn, NewPath frequently offers responsive and timely suggestions to improve the outcome.

Freeing Up Volunteers to Focus on the Core Goals

Using Wild Apricot has allowed NFGP volunteers to free up time to concentrate on the club's core functions and goals -- bringing women together and welcoming newcomers to the club.  Support from NewPath has enabled NFGP to communicate more effectively with members and ensure announcements and reminders are sent on a timely manner, at pre-agreed times. A monthly planner is jointly maintained to make sure changes are made promptly and regularly to ensure all members are well informed. As a result, NFGP members attend more events at higher participation rates.

Sharon Knowles
“NewPath support staff are pros at what they do. We give them content and ideas, and they deliver, frequently offering suggestions to make our Wild Apricot solution even better. And the turn around is very fast!” Sharon Knowles, Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano Lead Volunteer, Technology
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