Introducing the Wild Apricot Reports Manager

Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM)
Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM)

We have worked with many Wild Apricot customers over the years and one consistent complaint comes up over and over: customers want better reporting capabilities to understand more about their organization's performance and membership demographics.

But the reporting capabilities for reporting in Wild Apricot are somewhat limited. Along side the membership summary there are a paltry 5 reports in Wild Apricot. Wild Apricot administrators want to be able to analyze membership demographics, do cross-event reporting and trend membership data over time. Association executives also want to be able to report key performance indicators like revenue growth. When it comes time to do in-depth analysis using custom dashboards, a reporting system more powerful than Excel is required.

But why create reports at all? One reason is to help set goals. The report below shows a marked increase in traffic to NewPath Consulting's website in 2019, which can be attributed to the number of blog posts NewPath published in 2019 and an increase in high quality external links to the website. It's also clear that by attracting more blog traffic, that translates to more traffic to the rest of the site. Without long-term tracking of blog vs web page traffic it woul be hard to know if our blogging efforts are translating to more traffic to the rest of the website. And more traffic has meant more qualified leads and business!

August 2019 NewPath Analytics


The Wild Apricot Reports Manager (aka WARM) is NewPath's custom reporting solution for Wild Apricot administrators who want an increased level of reporting flexibility and analytical power.

The Wild Apricot Reports Manager can:

  1. Give Wild Apricot administrators real-time access to the Wild Apricot database, so your reports are automatically updated with just 1 click
  2. Create tables, graphs and visualizations for one site or a network of Wild Apricot sites
  3. Provide unlimited access to account, event, contact/member, invoice and audit log data
  4. Create summaries, aggregations, comparison and even calculated fields to create new insights
  5. Be used for free with Google Data Studio, a freely-available data visualization solution
  6. Easily share reporting dashboards with your board or staff, with secure editing capabilities, powered by Google
  7. Combine data from over 100 other data services included Google Analytics, Amazon, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more!

Get Started by Creating Your First Data Source

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create your first custom Wild Apricot report in Google Data Studio with WARM.



The report template can be duplicated and modified for free for your organization:

View Report Template

If you want to have a look at the code or improve on the data connector:

Wild Apricot Reports Manager code on GitHub

The Wild Apricot GDS Community Connector includes installation and configuration instructions as well as a Terms of Service.

If you have interest in understand more about the capabilities of the Wild Apricot Reports Manager please contact us

Here's a short walk through of the free Report Template:



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