Introducing the Wild Apricot Text Manager


The Wild Apricot Text Manager (aka WATM) is free, open source add-on that can be used by any Wild Apricot administrator to style, hide or replace nearly every piece of system text in Wild Apricot. WATM is the missing piece to customizing your Wild Apricot site to your exact colours, styles and text. You can make a variety of changes such as global text search and replace, modifying system or custom form labels and buttons, changing CSS properties on any class or ID and hiding certain labels or buttons altogether.

For example the system text labels in the Membership renewal system gadget below can be customized with WATM:System gadget


WATM is included with every Wild Apricot website that NewPath Consulting designs, as well. If you'd like help with implementing WATM, please check out our translation and custom design services on our website. Knowledge of CSS is very helpful but not required for using WATM.

What can you do with WATM?

  • modify the style (color, decoration, shape, etc) of any user interface element
  • change any text globally or on a particular system gadget
  • hide any piece of text or user interface item (eg a button) in Wild Apricot
  • provide seamless translation of the full Wild Apricot site into another language

Download Wild Apricot Text Manager from GitHub

Multi-lingual Features

WATM can be used  to create a multi-lingual Wild Apricot website without the need to create duplicate pages, page templates or events. WATM currently supports a maximum of 2 languages. All content gadgets can be easily maintained on one page, while system text can be translated on the fly based on the translated added to the WATM configuration file.

Here's a video of how multi-lingual support works with Wild Apricot.

Download Wild Apricot Text Manager from GitHub


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