Introducing the Wild Apricot Text Manager

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Wild Apricot Text Manager

 Wild Apricot allows any content gadgets to be edited by a website administrator. When placing your cursor over a content gadget you can see the option to edit, like below:

Content editor

However, many gadgets in the System Pages are marked as (System) and do not allow editing whatsoever:

System gadget

Now it is possible to change the text on form labels and buttons inside these System gadgets. You can also publish Wild Apricot websites in 2 languages!

The Wild Apricot Text Manager (WATM) is a simple to configure JavaScript library that levers the jQuery library already included with every Wild Apricot website. WATM will help any administrator manage and replace nearly every piece of system text in Wild Apricot. You can also use it to change CSS for any class or ID. WATM can be used optionally to enable 2 language Wild Apricot websites without needing to create any additional site pages or page templates. A list of replaceable elements is included in the easy-to-edit Excel configuration file. You can make a variety of changes such as global search and replace, modifying form labels and buttons, changing CSS properties on any class or ID and hiding certain labels or buttons altogether.

The configuration for the Wild Apricot Text manager is made inside a comma separated configuration file which can be edited in Microsoft Excel or another text editor. To activate WATM, a few lines need to be added to Wild Apricot’s Global Javascript. You will also need  to edit and upload  the WATM configuration file which includes the text edits and translations. The full WATM package is added to your site using Wild Apricot’s website Files manager.

Support for WATM is available by getting in touch.

 Download Wild Apricot Text Manager


Version History

0.1 - Initial Release 11/19/18

0.2 - Added support for many more system flags, added French translation into CSV configuration file, changed testing button toggle label 11/27/18

0.3 - Added support for adding a style, added several more system labels, added support for limiting the language toggle display "flicker" 12/5/18

0.4 - Added support for effective primary menu design changes, added support to override any CSS class or ID 12/13/18

0.5 - Added support for mouseover, mouseout (hover) and :before and :after pseudo-elements 1/15/19


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