NewPath Consulting Sponsoring Camaraderie Co-Working

Camaraderie is a dear friend of NewPath Consulting. Over the past 3 years the NewPath Network has held various meetings for networking and for business functions in the Adelaide Street office. We befriended several of the freelancers who worked there, and especially got to know Rachel Young, Toronto's coworking star!

We are delighted to announce that NewPath Consulting is a sponsor of the new Camaraderie space in Roncesvalles Village opening March 1 2013. Details were announced yesterday via this email. We are proud to be supporters of Camaraderie and co-working in Toronto. The future is bright, and if you work from home or need a part-time or full-time office space and a community of other independent businesses, you most definitely need to check out your new office space in Toronto's west end.

Here are some details on the new space:

"Our new space will start on the 3rd floor of the building that we'll use for workspace and a meeting room. By summer we'll have the 2nd floor for additional workspace and a large boardroom, and by the fall we'll have the entire 1st floor for event space and lounge area that can accommodate much larger events. We're thrilled to be able to ease in to this space that will grow with us.
We'll also have a full kitchen on both the 2nd and 3rd floors, perfect for community meals, food-related focus groups, and cooking demonstrations and workshops.
The owner of the building is very forward thinking and is onboard with our needs and wants for things like living green walls on each floor, solar panels on the roof, and growing our own vegetables for salad days."


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