NewPath Consulting is a cloud broker. So what does that mean?

NewPath Consulting is a "cloud services broker" it turns out. That is just a modern term for what used to be known as a value added reseller (VAR) - widely known throughout the enterprise IT industry. A cloud broker is a fancy way of saying that we:

  1. Resell a set of products we think are the best. We have hand picked them and built relationships with the people who run the companies that make our preferred service selections. We chose them because we think they are a good fit for small businesses we serve, and because they all have outstanding customer service.
  2. We add value through support and service of each and every product. And we liaison with each cloud provider to escalate issues we cannot solve on our own with a preferred support channel. We help you understand how each can align with your business needs and help you achieve top notch business outcomes (save costs, make more revenue, make your business more efficient).
  3. We are a one stop shop when you, as a small business, want to  buy a set of cloud products. That means that we not only get you a discount on cloud services, but you also get one bill at a pre-set, published and predictable monthly service charge.

NewPath Consulting has put together 3 pricing plan packages that include a pre-set number of support hours per month that fit your business needs today, primarily based on the number of staff you have and what your business needs. We work with you to help your business grow and support a wider array of products and services as you succeed.

In short, NewPath Consulting wins, when our clients win. It's as easy as that.

ps. Here's the definition from a Forbes article that defines a "cloud services brokerage"

A cloud services brokerage is a third party company that adds value to cloud services on behalf of cloud service consumers. Their goal is to make the service more specific to a company, or to integrate or aggregate services, to enhance their security, or to do anything which adds a significant layer of value (i.e. capabilities) to the original cloud services being offered.

Yeah, that's about it.


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