MadMimi Review - Email Marketing For Smarties

MadMimi is not email marketing for dummies. It is having conversations with your clients -- for smarties. Here at NewPath Technologies we started looking at all small business productivity web apps and decided on 4 that we think make small business' lives much easier. MadMimi was our choice for email.

image from www.manycontacts.com

People ask us why don't we use the biggies out there like ConstantContact and iContact and like Gary Levitt, founder of MadMimi says, "they're too business-y and enterprise-y."

Translation: they are too complex to get started with quickly and continue to use productively. The reason: too many features, too many options and not enough "good stuff."

I look for the "good stuff" in every tool I choose for NewPath Technologies. The good stuff has to fall in one of 2 categories:

  • easy to use and train: I have to be able to learn the tool in 30 minutes and be able to train in the same amount of time
  • support: the support has to be personal, plain-language and readily available

The promise I provide to my customers is that they will be able to take advantage of tools only Fortune 100 companies have been able to afford. Now they can not only afford them for as little as $8/day but they can be completely self-sufficient without depending on designers, programmers etc. That is key for small businesses -- self-sufficiency.

MadMimi's dead-simple design user interface creates gorgeous emails. It doesn't hamper you with boring templates but rather beautiful layouts that you fill with your own graphics. It is a different approach to design, but one I get right away. MadMimi provides a wireframe and you fill it with your own magic, without programming.

And whenever I email MadMimi I get a response same day, sometimes from the founder. As MadMimi grows this may change, but I doubt it. These are Brooklyn peeps, in Park Slope. They're hip but not beyond helping small businesses around the world.

Check out the details on the email marketing services NewPath Technologies provides with MadMimi's help.        




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